Will I have to pay for beers at the event?
We encourage you to drink responsibly and know your limits. Admission is free and various size beers have different prices.
What about the giant mugs?
You have the opportunity to upgrade to the large mug for an additional fee if not sold out. Certain games may require that you have your own large mug.
Are minors allowed at Oktoberfest SLO?
Only 21 and over may attendl.
Can I be a vendor at Oktoberfest SLO?
Vendors may inquire at info@pouringforgood.org
Are pets allowed?
For the safety of your pet please leave him at home.
Are credit cards accepted?
You may buy your tickets in advance with a credit card. It will be cash only at the door if tickets are still available.
Will there be food available?
Delicious German themed food will be available for purchase.
Is there a non-drinker ticket?
Yes non drinking tickets are available.